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We assist U.S. and Chinese companies seeking new cross-border markets, customers and partners.

Market Research

We conduct research that provides a clear picture of a client's target market, including, but not limited to, the size of the market, key players, competitors, prospective customers, related regulations, distribution, legal, tax and recommended entry strategies.

Market Entry

We work side by side with clients to implement market entry strategies, including, but not limited to, initial customer acquisition, lead generation, identification of entities for partnerships, joint ventures or acquisition targets in the target market, and structuring and negotiating transactions until closure. Equally important, we help clients to become ready for the new target market through restructuring internal lead management, customer service and operational processes, localizing customer interface and web content, creating marketing communications campaigns, assisting with recruiting and training of the team for the new market and facilitating important meetings to ensure the best outcome.

Government Relationships

We help clients establish relationships with central, provincial and municipal government agencies that regulate and administrate their business activities in the new market, to obtain necessary business licenses or to establish long-term relationships that will benefit clients' operations. Additionally, we advise local governments on in-bound initiatives to attract business opportunities and investment from overseas.