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U.S. Premium Organic Premium Packaged Food Selling into China

The client, portfolio company of a VC fund, was interested in selling its products into China to accelerate the company’s growth.

Because of the uniqueness of the product and targeted market KGA put together a new team in China to work on this engagement. Through KGA’s network in China two candidates with the desired credentials and experience were identified and were selected to lead the effort. A company was incorporated and a detailed plan was created for product import, marketing and distribution.

Meanwhile, KGA guided the client to register its IP to protect itself in international markets and prepare all other required documents for inspection and review by Chinese authorities. KGA acted as a “firewall” to filter out all the “noise” from both U.S. and Chinese teams during the process to reduce miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Additionally, KGA created a protocol for the client to follow to integrate with China's operations and provided training to staff. During the 4-month preparation period, KGA was persistent in pressing the effort forward in spite of tremendous challenges that appeared at time impossible to overcome.

The client received its first ever order from China and for a full cargo container of product after just 6 months working with KGA. Client expects to sell one million dollars of product to China in the subsequent twelve months.

Industry report: China's Baby Food Market [Click to download]