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KGA co-founder co-founds KFN
October 01, 2015      
KGA co-founder Kevin M. Goldstein co-founded Kellogg Finance Network, a NPO that serves Kellogg Business School alumni in financial community.
New York - Silicon Alley
May 15, 2015      
KGA Co-founder Coco published an report in her column with Sina Thought Leaders, in which she points out that New York is a rising center of technology. Different from Silicon Valley New York's technology innovation crosses multiple industries from digital media, software, eCommerce to healthcare. It also offers a market with customers ready to pay if they like the products or services. To most Chinese, it is their first time to becomes aware of New York as an innovation center outside Silicon Valley.
KGA Partner Attending Event Jointly Hosted by UNA and Chinese Consulate General in New York
September 07, 2014      
September 4, Coco Kee, Managing Partner, was invited as a member of United Nation Association to the Chinese Consulate General of New York for a Q&A session with Consul General Sun Zhengxiang. Mr. Sun addressed the questions with regard to how the U.S. and China can cooperate in the areas of anti-terrorism, aging population, cross-border tourism and joint economic development efforts in under-developing regions. Ms. Kee, together with the board members of UNA had a group photo with Mr. Sun.
Internship Program
May 28, 2014      
KGA provides customized summer internship programs for students interested in international business development, social media and ecommerce. Each intern will have the opportunity to work with the firm's partner to develop their research, exchange ideas and receive feedback.
KGA and SBA formed strategic partnership
March 01, 2014      
Kee Global Advisors LLC (KGA), a New York-based corporate development advisory firm and Strategic Business Alliances, Inc. (SBA), a New Jersey-based business advisory firm, announced that the two companies are collaborating to extend services to companies which seek to expand between China and Brazil. The executive teams of KGA and SBA are composed of seasoned Chinese and Brazilian professionals with global insight and extensive first-hand experience. SBA's website:
The Deal Economy 2014 Conference
December 05, 2013      
KGA Managing Partner Coco Kee attended the exclusive and by-invitation-only gathering The Deal Economy 2014 Conference at New York Stock Exchange on December 5, 2013, hosted by the Deal and its senior editors. The conference included a series of discussions led by well recognized veterans from the deal community, such as Robert Miller, Chairman of AIG, James Richards, author of Currency Wars, Lynn Tilton, CEO of Patriarch Partners, Robert Nardelli, former Chairman & CEO of The Home Depot and Chrysler LLC.
Grow China's GDP by Investment, not Consumption
August 04, 2013      
Many in the world are obsessed with predicting China
China's Medical Device Market
July 25, 2013      
China's medical device market is large, rapidly growing, fragmented, dominated by foreign manufacturers via WOFE, JV and imports. There are more than 16,000 manufacturers in China. Total production of medical devices was $24 billion in 2012. 67% of medical devices consumed in China were imported in 2012. Imported U.S. medical devices comprised 21% of China's total consumption in 2012. China's per capita medical device consumption was as low as $14 in 2012. For the presentation, please visit:
How Institutional Invetors May Avoid Due Diligence Pitfalls in China
April 09, 2013      
KGA announced the publishing of a white paper entitled "How Institutional Investors May Avoid Due Diligence Pitfalls in China" to address various challenges in China. The white paper points out that standard due diligence may not work well in China due to a dramatically different business environment in China from that in the U.S. The white paper suggests some guerrilla techniques and points out that investors, instead of relying solely on big fours and large law firms, have to spend time and money in the trenches themselves kicking the tires. Only with proper and thorough due diligence can an investor identify and profit from investment opportunities in China. Please email for a copy of the white paper.
Kee Global Advisors (KGA)'s engagement with Chinese desert agricultural project
January 28, 2013      
NEW YORK, Jan. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Kee Global Advisors (KGA), a corporate development advisory firm headquartered in New York, announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Sun Ecological Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Denkou, Inner Mongolia) to identify strategic partners and investors, both domestically and globally, to accelerate the company's efforts to slow down the desertification of the Ulan Buh Desert, or known as the Wulanbuhe Desert in Chinese, in the Inner Mongolia and create an "oasis" out of the desert. For the full press release, please visit the following link:
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